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En créant une expérience ludique, intéressante et active d'éducation en plein air, Eco Camp Suisse contribue à stimuler la confiance et la curiosité de nos élèves tout en les préparant à leur avenir en tant que scientifiques, ingénieurs et citoyens.

Chaque journée est enrichie d'expériences pratiques, offrant aux élèves de nombreuses occasions d'améliorer leurs connaissances sur le cycle du carbone, les ressources énergétiques et le changement climatique, le cycle de l'eau et les rivières, la chaîne alimentaire, les achats durables et la réduction des déchets, les plantes, les animaux, la biodiversité et les écosystèmes, ainsi que l'impact environnemental des transports, du tourisme et du sport.  

Les objectifs de développement durable de l'ONU nous guideront dans notre approche et les entrepreneurs locaux, les activistes et les études de cas nous inspireront dans nos expéditions.

By creating a fun, interesting and active outdoor education experience, Eco Camp Suisse helps to foster the confidence and curiosity of our students while preparing them for their future as scientists, engineers and environmentalists.


Each day is enriched with hands-on experiences, providing ample opportunities for students to improve their knowledge-base about the carbon cycle, energy resources and climate change, the water cycle and rivers,  the food chain, sustainable shopping and reducing waste, plants, animals, biodiversity and ecosystems, as well as the environmental impact of transport, tourism and sports.  

The UN Sustainable Development Goals will guide us in our approach and local entrepreneurs, activists and case studies will inspire us on our expeditions.

The carbon cycle, energy resources and climate change.

Students will learn in a fun and practical way about this fascinating subject by exploring the rocks, fossils, forests and lakes of the region. Our field trip to Lac Retaud, Les Diablerets Glacier (by cable car), a local hydropower plant as well as new technologies for clean energy will help develop new ideas for change. 

Students can try out paddle boarding and tree climbing during our expeditions.

Positive ways of helping the climate will be discovered throughout the programme.

The food chain, sustainable shopping and reusing waste

Through a visit to a local farm and an ancient Alpine Village students will learn about food, shopping and sustainability. A cooking competition, arts, crafts and painting will help students demonstrate their learning and ideas.

Hiking, mud bikes and ski lifts will help us get from A to B.

We will be inspired to get active with the Summit Foundation and local activists.

The water cycle and our wonderful rivers

We will follow the journey of the river from the glacier to the lake and learn what a great service water does for us.  We will explore solutions to reduce our impact on rivers.


Hiking, fishing and swimming are amongst the activities.

Inspirational speakers from local government as well as creative interactions with local artists will help us discover and express new solutions.

Plants, animals, biodiversity and ecosystems

On this safari, students will learn all about the amazing plants, animals, insects in our environment and how we depend on them.


During our field trips to Solalex, Muveran National Park and exploring the Pronatura reserves of Tavayenne and Verneys in Gryon we will hunt for fossils, rare species and weird plants.

We will explore nocturnal animals such as bats and insects through our night walk under the stars.

Transport, tourism and sports

During a fun day out to the Villars Pool and Spa while we learn about how tourism activities use water, energy and create waste. New and creative solutions for helping the environment will be discovered. 

We will use public transport and our own energy to get us from A to B throughout the eco camp.

Special guests will join us to inspire us about electric vehicles and clean energy solutions worldwide.