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Visite à Gryon STEP/Waste Water Plant (date a confirmer/date TBC)

Comment réduire la pollution de l'eau ? How can you reduce water pollution?

Renseignez-vous sur les eaux usées, la qualité des rivières et ce que vous pouvez faire pour réduire la pollution.

Learn about waste water, river quality and what you can do to reduce pollution.

Clean Up Tour - in partnership with Summit Foundation

Come and help us clean up Alpes Des Chaux in Gryon

SAMEDI 8 juin de 9h30 à 12h30, nous allons faire une rammasage aux Alpes des Chaux à Gryon après la saison de ski. Rejoignez-nous à la télécabine de La Barboleusaz où nous prendrons le bus pour Alpes des Chaux.

On SATURDAY 8th of June 9.30am to 12.30am we will do a clean up of Alpes des Chaux in Gryon after the ski season. Join us at the telecabine in La Barboleusaz where we will get the bus up to Alpes des Chaux. 

Half Day Camps 2019

Our programme of half day eco camps for summer 2019 will be issued shortly

The full programme for residential camp is available on request by email, see the programme for an outline of the activities.


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Half Day Camps 2018 

The workshop empowers children (8-12 years old) to be happy agents of change! Every kid is a super-hero in this inclusive, fun workshop where everyone’s ideas count. They bring their brilliant, beautiful, unique imaginations and we play with ideas to change the world.


It is a ‘change-maker space’ where we take on a Sustainable Development Goal, exploring how we can solve it with incredible inventions. We dream big, mash-up all of our creativity, riff on innovative solutions to big challenges, build prototypes from trash, tell the story of our inventions – everything is possible when we play like this! 

To book go directly to


History of Earth Trail - (age 7-13)

Discover the history of the Earth on this walk which is like a journey through the ages. With each metre on the ground, you travel through 1 million years in time. So, starting from Bretaye, in the present time, you travel back into the past, with nine stations corresponding to the most fascinating events that have marked our planet’s History along the 4.6 km route towards Villars. These 4.6 km correspond to 4.6 billion years, the age of the Earth and the solar system. 

The History of the Earth Trail offers a fascinating journey through time, as we learn about the disasters and extraordinary inventions that have marked life on Earth since it began.

Visit to the farm/alpage at Col de le Croix. Learn about cheese making and sustainable farming. Taste local products and feed the animals – cows pigs, rabbits, sheeps and chicken.


Walk to Taveyenne and explore this Alpage and ancient swiss village still without electricity. Learn about the refuge and natural history of the surrounding area. Return by telecabine to la Barboleuse.

Clean Up - Les Chaux (age 7- 12 and 13 -16)

Learn about the ski station and impacts of this sport on the environment. Examine the system of snow guns and mechanical equipment.  Meet with the Summit Foundation and participate in a clean-up of the Alpine meadows and ski runs.

Explore Les Diablerets Glacier (age 7- 12 and 13 -16)

Guided tour of Les Diablerets Glacier, ice express chair lift, glacier walk. We will learn all about glaciology as well as climate change and the carbon cycle. We will learn how to collect weather and climate data. Picnic lunch at Refuge l’Espace on the edge of the glacier by Quille du Diable.

Be a ecologist for a day (age 7- 12 and 13 -16)

Explore the alpage sites of Anzeindaz and Solalex and help do a scientific study of the site with UNIL professor Jake Alexander and his team. Learn about alpine plants and the impact of climate change on plants and biodiversity.

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